Ask Your DFO

Each month, one of our DFOs (Dementia Friends Officers) answer one of your Dementia Friends Champions questions. In this page you can find all the questions that have been answered to help you find answers to any questions you may have had.

If you need any more clarifications please contact your DFO today!

  1. What is a webinar and how can I get involved?
  2. How can Champions be involved in developing resources
  3. Why is it important to signpost during my Information Sessions?
  4. Do participants get a badge if they don’t complete an action card?
  5. How do I approach new audiences?
  6. An organisation wants to use the Dementia Friends logo – what can I tell them?
  7.  I’ve been asked to run an info stand to raise awareness of Dementia Friends – what can I do?
  8. How do I respond when someone shares a personal experience during my Session?
  9. Can I run an Information Session in a shorter time?
  10. How do I respond to questions in my Information Sessions?
  11. How can I prove to organisations that I am a trained Champion?
  12. Why should I ask my attendees to fill out the action mailers?
  13. How do I log my Information Sessions and record the number of Dementia Friends I’ve made on the website?
  14. How can i engage with other Champions?
  15. How can i reach new audiences with my Sessions?
  16. Do you have any advice on delivering Information Sessions to large groups of young people?
  17. I’m a Dementia Friends Champion but I also want to get my organisation signed up to Dementia Friends. How do I do that?
  18. What is a webinar and how do I sign up to it?
  19. What do I need to consider when delivering Information Sessions outside?
  20. I want to deliver a unique session for your #DoSomethingNew campaign for Dementia Awareness Week. What do I need to consider when running Sessions in unusual places such as outside?
  21. I know that the end of March 2015 marked the end of government funding for Dementia Friends. It’s great news that Alzheimer’s Society has decided to continue the programme, but what does this mean for me as a Champion? Will I have to deliver my Session any differently?
  22. I am hoping to deliver the young people’s Dementia Friends Information Session but I’m unsure about using the Action Mailers, can we use those for all ages or are there issues around collecting data of children? How can I evidence their actions?
  23. I am soon delivering an information session to a business audience.
    I understand how important it is not to alter the Dementia Friends messaging but was hoping to slightly adapt my session in order to make it more meaningful and effective for my business audience.  Is there any way I can adapt the session for this purpose? 
  24. I completed my champions training a long time ago now, time has passed and I don’t feel confident anymore at running Sessions. Is there anything Dementia Friends can do to help?
  25. I have contacted my local papers and asked them to promote my Information Sessions but I never get a response. Have you got any tips or hints on how I should approach them ?
  26. I’ve seen some Dementia Friends have received a “Little Book of Friendship” in the post. Should I be giving these to new Dementia Friends in my information sessions?
  27. How do i get more people to come to my public Information Session?
  28. What is National Inclusion Week and how can i get involved?

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