Ask your DFO – What is National Inclusion Week and how can i get involved?


Ask your DFO

Question: What is National Inclusion Week and how can I get involved?

Answer: National Inclusion Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion in all activities and projects.

Inclusion is about making sure that people feel valued, respected, listened to and able to challenge. It’s about recognising and valuing the differences we each bring and creating an environment where everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources and can contribute.

You can help make Dementia Friends as inclusive as possible by running an information session using the BAME, learning disability or children’s resources that can be found on your Champions dashboard. Your DFO will be able to help you if you have any questions about these resources. If you think there is an area of work or group that the Dementia Friends team should be working with then please get in touch with your DFO.

Don’t forget to take photos of any session and use the hashtags #DementiaFriends and #NIW2017 


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