Ask your DFO – What is a webinar and how do I get involved?

Ask your DFO - What is a webinar and how do I get involved?Each month, one of our DFOs (Dementia Friends Officers) answer one of your Dementia Friends Champions questions. Ian Hind, DFO for the East Midlands, answers this month’s question: Dementia Friends

What is a webinar and how do I get involved?


Our team of Dementia Friends Officers (DFOs) run regular webinars on a range of topics to assist Dementia Friends Champions in their role. To see a list of upcoming webinars click here.

What is a webinar?

I know is sounds really technical at first, but it is basically Web-based seminar, so think of it as a presentation that is run on the internet. The system we use allows a DFO from Dementia Friends to run a virtual seminar with Champions from across the country. Wherever you live, as long as you have internet access and telephone line you can join in!

So how does it work?

You will be sent full instructions when you book onto a webinar. You can view the webinar either via a website link or you can access it on many mobile devices, and it allows you to watch a power-point presentation, chat with the presenter and other Champions in a chat box and also vote in polls. You will also be given a telephone number which takes you to a conference call line where you can listen to the presenter. You can also un-mute your phone to ask questions. Generally our webinars last for up to 1 hour.

Why should I join a webinar?

A webinar is a great way to learn, engage with the Dementia Friends team and meet other Champions. We are covering lots of different subject that will be really helpful for Champions. We cover the different Information Session resources, how to promote your sessions, how to deal with difficult questions and tips to get going with your first session, actually lots of different topics! Take a look at upcoming webinars.

How do I sign up?

Easy – just email the Dementia Friends team at with the subject line ‘Webinar’ and tell us which webinars from the list you would like to join.

Sounds a lot easier than I thought!

We don’t want webinars to sound complicated, Champions that have already tried our webinars are finding them really easy to get involved and very useful! Look forward to chatting with some of you at a future webinar.

Brenda, from Cornwell said ‘I am really impressed with how easy this has been, not at all scary!

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  1. Sue Smith

    Hi Ian
    I know what a webnair is, but I can’t attend the BAME one, and I am delivering a BAME session with a colleague and I think we could benefit from the information, is it possible to share the presentation? And send it to my e-mail?
    Best Wishes

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