Ask your DFO – How can Champions be involved in developing resources

Ask your DFO – Can Champions be involved in developing resourcesEach month, one of our DFOs (Dementia Friends Officers) answer one of your Dementia Friends Champions questions. Charlotte Adams, DFO for the South West, answers this month’s question: Dementia Friends

How can Champions be involved in developing Dementia Friends resources?

Dementia Friends wants to be accessible to everyone and we are eager for Champions to be involved in developing new resources.

If you have a particular interest or experience in an area, please let your DFO know. For example, you might have some knowledge on how to make the Dementia Friends Information Session more accessible to people with visual impairments, or low literacy levels. When the team is developing resources to meet the needs of different groups, we are keen to hear from Champions who have experience or knowledge in the area so that we get feedback about the current resources, and any areas where we might need to develop new resources.

Testing new materials

Champions such as yourself are central in helping us to pilot newer resources so do let your DFO know if there is an area you have a particular interest in. We might ask you to help us by testing new materials!

Sending feedback on existing resources

The Dementia Friends team regularly review all of the current resources so do send your DFO feedback about the existing Information Sessions; whether it is the standard Session or the adapted Sessions for children & young people, adults with learning disabilities or Black Asian Minority Ethnic Communities. For the adapted Session plans, the handbooks include a feedback form which it would be great if you could complete after the Session as we want our materials to be as useful and relevant as possible.

Logging session feedback

When you create your Session on the website, it will ask you to record the ‘type of Session’. This helps us to understand as to what groups are Dementia Friends Sessions being delivered to. It also means that we can contact Champions who may have delivered to a certain group for some feedback about how it went.

Champion Forum

If you would like to get further involved in the development of the initiative, why not ask your DFO for some information about the Champion Forum? The Forum gives the opportunity for Champions to give feedback and share their views on upcoming projects.

Thank you for your support in helping Dementia Friends to reach as many people as possible! I hope this help, and as ever if you would like to talk about this further do please get in contact with your RSO.

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