You said and we did – A years worth of action

You asked and we Did

We take feedback from our Champions seriously and are always looking to make improvements to the initiative based on what you tell us. Here are a few of the changes we’ve made this year based on feedback from you!


November: We have added the handbook as a single file to download in one go

After receiving feedback from some of you that it would be useful to download the entire Champions handbook in one go from the Session resources, we have now added the handbook as one file to your dashboard. So now you can choose to download individual resources or the whole handbook in one go.

October: We reorganised the children’s resources so you can easily see activities as per age group

You said that when using the Children’s Resources, it could be difficult to work out which activity to use for which age group. To help, we’re reorganising the resources to make them easier to use. These are now available on your Session resources!

September: We are introducing the British Sign Language version of the Dementia Friends video

You said you want the online route to becoming a Dementia Friend to be more accessible. That’s why we’re introducing a British Sign Language version of the Dementia Friends video. This is now available on the website!.

August: We increased the number of Information Session refresher webinars

You said you’d like more opportunities to have a refresher of the Information Session. To help, we’ve increased the number of Information Session refresher webinars that we run. There are plenty of opportunities in the coming months to attend one of the webinars, so book now!

July: We created a Newsletter archive so you can read all the previous editions that you may have missed

You said you wanted to be able to read past editions of the Dementia Friends Champions newsletter, so we’ve added a Newsletter Archive to your Champions dashboard where you can read all previous newsletters whenever you like!

June: We ran more Champions engagement events this year

You said you wanted more opportunities to meet other Champions and share experiences. As a result of this feedback, your Regional Support Officer will now be running an increased number of Champions engagement events in the coming year. Look out for an invite from in the near future!

May: We combined the action mailer and the infocard to make them easier to use

After lots of feedback from Champions and consultation with the Champions Forum, we’ve redesigned the infocard and action mailers that you use at the end of your Information Sessions. The two materials are now combined into one item to make it easier for you to use.

April: We created door and arrow signs to direct people to your Information Sessions

You said you wanted a sign to put up to direct people to your Dementia Friends Information Sessions. We’ve created a sign for the door and ones with arrows directing people to the room. Got an idea for a new resource? Let your Regional Support Officer know!

March: We reorganised the dashboard to make it easier to report on your Sessions & tell us about your actions

You said you wanted it to be easier to report on your Sessions, so we’ve reorganised the Champions dashboard and made the ‘Manage my Sessions’ link easier to find. Plus we’ve made it easier for the Dementia Friends who attend your Sessions to return to the website and tell us their action!

February: We created short video guides to help you log & report Sessions

You said you wanted additional help in using the website to log Sessions, report on your Sessions and other important tasks. To help, we’ve produced a range of short video guides.

January: We created a guide to help you understand Webinars

In the recent Champions survey, many of you said you weren’t sure what the webinars were or how they worked. To help, we’ve put together this guide.

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