A story: The first good weekend in a long time

Dementia Friends Champion Kayleigh Beresford shared this great story about the impact her Dementia Friends Session had on someone whose family is directly affected by dementia. She talks about how her new Dementia Friend was able to make living well with dementia a possibility for his mother.

“I had some lovely feedback today from a Dementia Friend I made last week. They had expressed concerns during the session that some of the points we raised related to a parent that he and his siblings are caring for who is not yet diagnosed. He shared how they had been getting confused by her actions and more frustrated with her.”

 The first good weekend in a long time


“My new Dementia Friend told his siblings what he had learned from the session and they really took it all on board. He told me today that it was the first good weekend they had had with her in a long time. They went through photo albums to try and find where in her life she believed she was living, turned the TV off so she didn’t think there were lots of people in her house, and assisted her making her dinner instead of just doing it for her. They are now scheduling an appointment to get an official diagnosis and start their dementia journey.

“I think this is a perfect example of how important it is to make as many Dementia Friends as we can and I’m so happy I have been able to make a difference and help this family start to live well with dementia.” The first good weekend in a long time

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