Important changes to the Information Session

Aimee Packwood, Regional Support Officer for the South West, talks through the changes that have been made recently to the Information Session resources:

Hi Champions!

As you know we regularly review the content of our Information Session, based on feedback from Champions and people affected by dementia, and our latest research, to make sure we are giving out clear and up to date messages. With this in mind, we’ve made a few small changes for you to be aware of when you next run your Information Session:

Bingo/Broken sentences

Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain

We’ve simplified the explanation for this statement, to make it easier for you to explain. The new statement now reads:

“This is our second key message.

In the same way that any other organ can be damaged by disease (e.g., kidney disease, liver disease), dementia is caused when diseases physically damage the brain.

Imagine that the brain is a collection of thousands of fairy lights, each representing a memory, a skill or a function of the brain. Now imagine that dementia is causing some of those lights to flicker, dim or switch off completely. For each person this will happen in a different order and different “lights” will be affected.”

Five key messages

We’ve added in a reminder to recap the five key messages after you’ve gone through all the expanded statements- we want to make sure those key messages sink in!

The Bookcase Analogy

We’ve been informed that actually plywood can be a very strong material! To make it clearer that the factual bookcase is a ‘wobbly’ one, we have reworded this part of the analogy to read:

“Picture a bookcase made from a flimsy piece of wood which has been poorly constructed.”

Find the complete bookcase analogy text here.

Who’s right?

To avoid confusing questions about the mental capacity act, we have reworded some of the activities. They now read as:

“Can you vote in an election, making an informed decision? “

“Can you still have a relationship with your partner?”

Find the complete list of statements here.

Turning understanding into action

We’ve added in a suggested action of getting involved in Join Dementia Research.


Regional Support Officers are out of the office quite a lot, so we would encourage you to contact the Dementia Friends team directly if anything should be shared in your Session which makes you concerned about someone’s safety. Please call the Dementia Friends team on 0207 264 2662.

If you would like to discuss any of these changes, or suggest any changes for the next version, speak to your RSO, and thanks for making sure you are up to date with the Information Session resources!

4 thoughts on “Important changes to the Information Session

    1. Dementia Friends Post author

      Hi Susan – thanks for your message. The added suggestion for the ‘Turning Understanding into Action’ section of the Session is to be a part of Join Dementia Research.

      Join Dementia Research is a research network which anyone of any age can join, whether you have dementia or not. It matches people to research trials that they can be a part of. You can find lots more information about it here:

      If you have any questions about this or other aspects of the Session, please do contact your Regional Support Officer who will be happy to help.

      Best wishes, Dementia Friends Team

    1. Dementia Friends Post author

      Hi Helena,

      All the most up to date resources can be found in the Session Resources area of your Champions dashboard on the website. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact your Regional Support Officer for advice.

      Best wishes,

      Dementia Friends

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