I’ve been asked to run an info stand to raise awareness of Dementia Friends – what can I do?

Aimee PackwoodEach month, one of our DFOs (Dementia Friends Officers) answer one of your Dementia Friends Champions questions. Aimee Packwood, DFO for the South West, answers this month’s question:

I’ve been asked to run an info stand to raise awareness of Dementia Friends – what can I do?

Thanks so much for helping us to promote Dementia Friends! Having a stall is a great way to talk to people about what Dementia Friends is and why they should sign up, and can help us to reach lots of people who haven’t heard of Dementia Friends.


Do get in touch with your Dementia Friends Officer (DFO) and we can send you lots of resources to help promote the programme, such as Dementia Friends postcards and posters. You can make your own poster through Postermaker on your Champions dashboard, and there you will also find Dementia Friends bunting! You could take along badges to show people what they will get when they become a Dementia Friend but remember that badges should only be given out to people who have attended a Session or signed up online.

Promote your Information Sessions

If you have an Information Session coming up, do make sure you bring along details so you can encourage people to come along, and it might be an idea to do a quick search on the Dementia Friends website beforehand to find other Sessions coming up in your area that you could signpost people to.


Lastly, you may get questions about dementia on the stall. Remember that you are not an expert- but it might be a good idea to take along the telephone number for the National Dementia helpline, or ask your DFO to send you some leaflets with this number on.

Good luck with your stall and do get in touch with your DFO to tell us how it went- we would love to hear your tips for other Champions!

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