Run an interesting Information Session? Tell us!

Have you run an Information Session in an unusual place? Perhaps it was on a boat, in a car or at the top of a mountain?

Information session in unusual places


We’re putting together a list of interesting places that Champions have run Information Sessions in, and we need your help! Let us know the most interesting places you’ve run a Session in, and you could feature in the next Champions newsletter.

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2 thoughts on “Run an interesting Information Session? Tell us!

  1. Karen Donley

    Re interesting place I ran a DF session:

    In a field with grass 20″ high to a team from the local vet surgery whilst they had a picnic.

  2. helen ferguson

    I joined forces with another DFC and offered x3 sessions for Cubs to become DFs at the Scout Hut in Twyford – they then planted up some forget-me-nots for presenting to a local day centre and care home – they had great fun with the ball of wool connections and apparently gave a ‘show and tell’ at school the next day whilst proudly wearing their badges.

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