Supporting Dementia Friends through a half Ironman

Two Dementia Friends have found a unique way to support the initiative. Read on to find out how Ben and Mike are supporting Dementia Friends through a half Ironman!

Two of our Dementia Friends have found a unique way of supporting

Dementia Friends. Ben and Mike from London are friends from university and always enjoy a good challenge.  One of the challenges they decided to take up was the Ironman 70.3.

What is the Ironman?

The event is part of the Ironman branded, triathlon race events which are run around the world and are televised throughout the year. There are two types of race, a full Ironman and a half Ironman. As this is their first triathlon they have initially opted for the half distance, although this is no mean feat in itself. The race starts with a 1.9 km open water swim, straight into a 90 km mountain road bike section followed up by a half marathon to finish.

How are they supporting Dementia Friends?

Ben and Mike both have immediate family members affected by dementia. So when they took up the challenge of the Ironman, they also decided to try and link their training and the race with raising awareness of dementia along the way. Rather than the usual fundraising and donation route, they are encouraging people to become Dementia Friends.

What is their training routine?

Asked how their preparations are going, Ben & Mike said, “Our training is going well so far with the aim to complete about 4km of swimming, 25km of running and 150km of cycling a week in addition to event specific training in the build-up to the event, this works out at about 10-15 hours of training a week, outside of our normal jobs!”

The race is located on the Island of Mallorca, Spain on the weekend of May 7th 2016, so fingers crossed they’ll get good weather!

They have been promoting their training efforts mainly via instagram @benandmikedoironman

as well as posting photos of the Dementia friends they have acquired along the way. They have had a good response to the Dementia Friends video and have encouraged a significant number of people to join the Dementia Friends initiative.

Support them by following their journey on Instagram and by becoming a Dementia Friend!

One thought on “Supporting Dementia Friends through a half Ironman

  1. Marie

    I have a cousin who has been suffering from Alzheimer for about 13 years and her sisters refuse to let her visit her saying she is not well enough. It makes me feel very sad.
    I am not too mobile having a physical disability but I would like to become a dementia friend.
    Bravo to Mike and Ben for doing the iron man. One of my cousiins did it in France 3 years ago and it is really hard.
    God bless them

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