Dementia Friends Champions: Ask your DFO

Ask your RSO

Each month, one of our DFOs (Dementia Friends Officers) answer your Dementia Friends Champions questions. Aimee Packwood, DFO for the South West, answers this month’s question:

How can I prove to organisations that I am a trained Champion?

Good question! First of all thanks so much for approaching groups to set up Dementia Friends Information Sessions! This will really help us on our way to reaching 4 million Dementia Friends and help more people to increase their awareness of dementia and become inspired to take action to create dementia-friendly communities.

As you know, only trained Champions can run Information Sessions, and you may be asked by organisations to prove you are a Champion, but don’t panic, we can help!

On your Champions dashboard you will find two introductory letters- one standard one and one aimed at schools that you can give to any organisation that you are approaching. The letter invites them to contact the Dementia Friends team to confirm you are a Champion, which we would be happy to do!

The Dementia Friends badge shows that someone has increased their awareness and taken action, and Dementia Friends and Champions all have the same understanding- Dementia Friends are just as dementia-friendly as Champions, so everyone gets the same Dementia Friends badge – there is no hierarchy in Dementia Friends!

Champions don’t get a special badge because we don’t want people to think Champions are experts in dementia, and people who decide to stop being a Champion may not have the opportunity to return it to us. However we will always back you up if we are asked if you are a Champion, so do ask any enquirers to get in touch with the Dementia Friends team by emailing

Thanks for organising theSession, and don’t forget to tell your DFO how it went!

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