Get inspired for 2016 – Dementia Friends Champions successes

At the end of last year we asked Dementia Friends Champions to share some of their 2015 successes. Here are three examples of the fantastic work Champions are doing in their communities to make them more dementia-friendly:

Champion Karen Donley shared a number of fantastic achievements from her year:
1. Reaching 257 Dementia Friends
2. Running my first children’s Information Session to the local Cubs group
3. Running specific Sessions which included the local Rotary, local theatre staff, and a local church Pastoral care group
4. Organising a dementia-friendly Singalong event at the local theatre to raise awareness and funds – attracting 300 people including a high number of people diagnosed with dementia (£2000 raised)
5. Being nominated for a local Health Award and receiving “high commended”
6. During DAW week, running a DF session, and organising 20 voluntary groups associated with supporting people living dementia to be available at the local Doctors Surgery.

Champion Iain Wade has been working hard to make banking more dementia-friendly:

As part of my involvement in a Customers in Vulnerable Situations working group at Royal Bank of Scotland I recently ran a Session for 45 colleagues in the Specialist Banking Team (Mortgage Advisers/Financial Planning Manager etc). The audience of 45 included Local Partners in Specialist Banking (a new role that has been set up to help support our Specialist Managers and Branches to provide our Customers in Vulnerable Situations with a better banking experience ), Complaint Champions and Community Protection Advisors.

In addition to the standard one hour session where each participant walked away with their Dementia Friends badge, I also ran a tailored action planning session where the participants agreed 5 actions around how to ensure their teams provide an excellent level of service to our customers with Dementia as well as the small things they can each do to make a difference for their loved ones as well as customers. I was really proud of the feedback from the participants and the project team (see Mayas sheet). As a result I have been asked to run Sessions with a new team in Business Banking and Coutts early next year as well as my own Learning and Development Team.

Champion Alan Richardson was inspired to become a Champion after caring for his late mother who lived with dementia for 15 years.

When I became a Champion in August 2014 I set myself an initial target of 100 friends and thought this would be challenging! I reached 50 in january 2015 and thought by the year end I would reach the target.

I was privileged to be one of the Champions selected to go to Downing Street in February – and became even more motivated.

I’ve had a tremendous response from various organisations that i’ve approached and became involved with and now reached 28 sessions and 337 friends. Wow dreams can come true! So I have now challenged myself to reach 500 as my next target.

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