Getting Beavers & Scouts involved with Dementia Friends

As part of the A Million Hands partnership between The Scout Association and Alzheimer’s Society, Scout groups can request for Dementia Friends Champions to visit them and deliver a Dementia Friends Information Session.

Dementia Friends Champion Judith Stockton tells us why her Scouts Sessions were some of the most enjoyable Sessions she has run.










How did your Session with Scouts come about?

My daughter helps at the Little Beavers group and after coming along to a Dementia Friends Information Session asked me to come and run a session at the group. The session went well and I was asked to run a session with the Scouts as a result!

How did the Session go? What was the response from the Scouts like?

I was a bit apprehensive about running the Little Beaver Session as it was my first Session with children and wondered if they would be able to pay attention for the whole Session. The groups were so engaged and I found the dressing exercise worked well with the Little Beavers. The materials worked well with the group and the leaders were impressed with the Sessions.

Any particularly memorable moments or highlights from the Session?

At the end of the Scouts Session, one of the girls who had engaged throughout the Session brought over her mum to meet me which was lovely. I didn’t realise till then that she had Downs Syndrome and was a great feeling. The group was so engaged which was great and they shared their experiences; the Scouts asked questions and related it their own situation with their grandparents. The best part of running the Sessions was the engagement and interest from the groups.

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