Dementia Friends Champions: Ask your DFO

Ask your RSOEach month, one of our DFOs (Dementia Friends Officers) answer your Dementia Friends Champions questions. Daisy Robson, DFO for North East, answers this month’s question:

Dear DFO

I’m a Dementia Friends Champion but I also want to get my organisation signed up to Dementia Friends. How do I do that?


Dear Champion,

There are a number of ways that organisations can make all their staff/ volunteers Dementia Friends via:

  • face-to-face Information Sessions 
  • watching videos hosted on their intranet
  • watching videos on the Dementia Friends website

By signing up your organisation on the Dementia Friends website, you can access and monitor the video routes.

Why should I sign up my organisation?
It might be that not everyone in your organisation is able to attend a Dementia Friends information session, but you would like everyone to have an awareness of dementia and the Dementia Friends five key messages. By signing up your organisation, you are able to offer another route to becoming a Dementia Friend and monitor the numbers of Dementia Friends in your organisation.

How do I sign up my organisation to Dementia Friends?
Firstly, decide who is going to be the lead contact in your organisation. This person will be responsible for managing the account, reporting numbers and liaising with the Dementia Friends Organisations team.

  • Go to
  • Click ‘Register your organisation’ and complete the registration form.
  • Verify your account via the link sent to your email address.

What happens next?
You will receive a code that allows you to share the videos with your organisation. When they watch them online this will be automatically recorded by the Dementia Friends website. If you host them elsewhere (e.g. on your intranet) you will need to record the numbers of Dementia Friends manually through your organisations account.

Do I still use my Champions account?
Yes – when you make Dementia Friends in an Information Session, as you do now, you need to create every Session and report on the number of Dementia Friends you make.

How do I get an update of the total number of Dementia Friends in the organisation?
If you want an update on how many members of staff have become Dementia Friends at your organisation, simply email and we’ll be happy to let you know!

Does this make my organisation ‘dementia-friendly’?
Not yet! To be recognised as “working towards becoming dementia friendly” you will need to sign up and submit an action plan to your local Dementia Action Alliance. See the DAA website for more details on how to do this and for contact details of your local DAA Coordinator.

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