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Dementia Friends Champions Sheila Goodall delivered a Session for her husband who put his learning to good use. Sheila tells us the full story:

‘I am a Dementia Friends Champion, and my husband attended my first Dementia Friends Information Session some time ago now. Yesterday he went to our local supermarket and when he came home he told me that he had had an encounter with a lady on the way to the newspaper counter.

He described the lady as very elegant and debonair looking, she clasped his elbow and called him Malcom and asked what he was doing. He explained he was buying a newspaper and she told him they had already got the papers. With that, another lady, whom he presumed was her carer, stepped in and apologised for what had happened.

My husband replied there was no need to apologise, we were just going to buy a paper. The other lady steered her away and the elegant lady told Malcom to stay where he was and she would pick him up on the way out.

My husband said that becoming a Dementia Friend had helped him react positively to this lady and shows that we can have more understanding and patient communities if more people become Dementia Friends.’

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  1. Sheila Charles

    I became a dementia friend,I have since befriended a gentleman ,and his family .its.a.privileges for me to help and for them to allow me to help we are going to create a picture boomkof memories

    1. Dementia Friends Post author

      Hi Fiona – thanks for your message. Sorry to hear you have not received your book and badge in the post. I’ve looked at our system and it looks like we are missing some of your address details. Please email your full address details to or call our customer care team on 0300 222 5855 and we can sort this for you. Many thanks for your support.

  2. Dr Robert G MacDonald

    In Liverpool on the 4th September LJMU are organising at The TATE Gallery a Conference about Arts, Therapy, Humanities and Dementia. This event includes a Sandtray Project about memory and Dementia Gardens.
    Please go to Connecting Minds at LJMU if you wish to know more.
    Dr Robert MacDonald, Friends of Dementia.


    Hi all. My name is Steve and apart from being a Trained Dementia Friend, i’m also a West Norfolk Mind Volunteer and a Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service Volunteer. I have just a little story which i would just like to pass on. We’ve all heard or been told not to judge a book by it’s cover, well here’s why. A few week’s ago i had my CFRS fleece on and i have my Dementia Friend badge on display. As i walked into my village near Ely, noticed a group of teenagers standing around. I got closer and closer but there was no sign of them moving. So i moved onto the road to go round them and i heard a young girl say ” make room, his alright his done the Dementia Training”. So i got talking to them and it turned out that 4 had done the training and another 4 had booked to do the training after there friends had told them about it. Anyway the young girl who had started talking to me, showed me her badge. Which she show off to every one with a big grin and i would join the 4 trained Friends in a Group Selfie. So as the saying go’s. Cheers and keep the good work up everyone.

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