Dementia Friends Champions: Important Session Resource Update

Important information for Dementia Friends Champions:

To ensure the Dementia Friends initiative is giving out the most relevant and useful information, we are constantly looking to develop and improve our programme, by sharing best practice and responding to feedback given by people living with dementia and you, our Champions.

With this in mind, we have updated one of the Bingo/Broken Sentences statements to give practical tips about how best to communicate with people who are living with dementia. It’s important that you familiarise yourself with the changes.

Our colleagues in Northern Ireland, who run dementia awareness activities there, have had really positive responses to this statement so we wanted to draw from their experience and share this information across England and Wales too.

The new statement is: People with dementia can still communicate effectively.

As we have already discussed, some people with dementia can struggle with communication but there are lots of things we can do to help.

Q: When talking with someone with dementia, what do you think you could do to support them?

A: Possible examples:

• Reduce distractions – turn off loud TVs or move to a quieter area

• Speak at a slower pace – speak clearly and calmly, using shorter sentences

• Think about your body language – maintain eye contact and ensure your facial expression matches your message

• Use aids – you could use visual clues, like written words, pictures or objects

• Listen – give plenty of encouragement and, if needed, repeat back what you’ve understood to make sure it’s correct

Whatever you do, never talk about people with dementia as if they are not there or talk to them as you would to a child – people with dementia still deserve our respect.

If you have any questions about this change, please get in contact with your Regional Support Officer.

6 thoughts on “Dementia Friends Champions: Important Session Resource Update

    1. Dementia Friends Post author

      Hi Fiona – yes the bingo sheet and expanded statements resources have been updated and can be downloaded from the Session Resources area of the website.

      Best wishes.

  1. Gladys Bozorgisaran

    Is it possible to have the Dementia Champions Manual updated and delivered to my postal address?
    Many thanks,
    Dementia Friend and Champion
    London E16

    1. Dementia Friends Post author

      Hi Gladys,

      Thanks for your message. All the most up-to-date resources and guidance can be downloaded from the Dementia Friends website by logging in to your Champions account:

      I’m afraid we do not have the resources to be able to send out new Champions handbooks to all our Champions when updates are made.

      Many thanks for all you are doing as a Dementia Friends Champion!

  2. Gary Elston

    This is something that happened to my mother who died of cancer whilst living with dementia. Every day she had to find out she had terminal cancer as we gave her all the pills she needed to keep her alive, I can not imagine what this must have been like, so as a family we decided that we would say they were new vitamin pills, which she accepted. She was happier it was less stressful on us although this did not sit totally comfortably with me it made her a lot less distressed and she died peacefully at home s she had always wished.

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