How to adapt your Info Session for the outdoors!


Your regular Dementia Friends Information Session can be run in the great outdoors – in your garden, at your local park, on the beach – with just a few adaptations. Let’s think about the different parts of the Session that will need to be altered:


Bingo vs. Broken sentences

These can both be played anywhere but make sure you consider:

  • Will participants be sitting or standing? (Camping chairs? Picnic blanket? Park bench?)
  • Do they need something to lean on? (Take along some clipboards or a fold-out table?)
  • Could you make them into a more active group activity by printing the resources larger? (Broken Sentences could be blown up in a big font and laminated so the sentences can be moved over the ground – talk to your RSO if you need help with this!)

Who’s Right vs. Cup of Tea:

Which of these will be more engaging for your group in the setting?

‘Who is Right’ works really well in open spaces – think before the Session where your starting/finishing line will be so that you are clear in your instructions.

Cup of Tea will be experienced by your group in a similar way to the Bingo, e.g. people will need to lean on something/may want to sit down, so think about varying the activities to give your participants a range of ways to interact with the session and keep them engaged.

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