Great ideas for delivering Info Sessions outdoors

Summer is here, the sun is shining (and we all know that that’s a rare occurrence) so let’s make the most of it and deliver our Dementia Friends Information Sessions outside. Here are a few ideas to get you started!


England’s love of festivals continues to grow.  With large crowds, this could be a perfect opportunity to spread understanding of dementia further.

Have a look in your local paper or local website for news of nearby festivals, fairs or fetes. You might be able to get a stand for free, or contact a local venue nearby and target the crowds.

Websites such as and are examples of websites where you can find out what is going on in your local area.


Move your Information Session outside to your nearby park. Bring blankets, perhaps some food and drink and you could have a picnic to make it more of an event.

If you’re planning a public Information Session please remember to check with your local council beforehand to make sure that it’s possible to hold it outside. They will be able to explain if there are any safety measures you need to take.


How about delivering an Information Session round the Campfire under the stars? Debbie Hewitt did just that when she delivered a Dementia Friends Information Sessions during a weekend camping with friends.

Debbie Hewitt delivered a Session whilst on a camping holiday

‘We all came together in a semi-circle in the middle of the grass areas, it was a nice warm day and we had drinks and nibbles. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, everyone took it seriously, asked questions and enjoyed the activities. The ‘who’s right’ activity in particular created a good debate.’


On holiday

Sun cream, check. Swimming costume, check. Dementia Friend’s bingo sheets…

Okay so Dementia Friends resources might not be a staple item to pack on holiday. However if you’re planning a trip with friends and have been promising an Information Session to them, why not? Have fun with the activities and pass on understanding at the same time.

Please remember that only people in England and Wales can be recognised as Dementia Friends. If you deliver an Information Session to a mixture of people from England and outside, not to worry! Just make sure that you only report back on the number of Dementia Friends who live in England and Wales.


Not only is this a great opportunity to deliver an Information Session, the BBQ food will be bound to draw some people in. As with parks, if you’re hosting a public BBQ please contact your local council for permission beforehand.

There may also be a local BBQ/event happening in your area which you could piggy back on.


Planning on a family trip to the beach? Bring your Dementia Friends resources with you and deliver an Information Session on the sand (or pebbles). You could buy some seaside rock to hand out as a bingo prize.

You could also contact local businesses beforehand and arrange an Information Session at the local café, amusements arcade or to the local lifeguards. They come in contact with many people, of which some will live with dementia. The information and understanding that you pass on will be invaluable in improving their customer service.

Street party

You might like to hold a small street party in your community and have a Dementia Friends stand and Information Session there. For more information on how to organise visit this website.

If you have any questions about delivering an Information Session to the places above please contact your RSO.

Have a great summer!


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