Small changes making a big difference

Dementia Friends Champion Trudi Rogers shared this inspiring story with us which demonstrates the value of running Dementia Friends Information Sessions no matter how small.

‘I ran a session for my two children aged 7 and 8 who really engaged with the activities and seemed to enjoy it. We shared the pictures on Twitter and Facebook to help raise awareness.

‘Several weeks later they were visiting a National Trust property with my parents and sat at a table in the grounds. My mother informed me that two ladies approached the table and asked if they could sit by them and my children agreed. One of the ladies explained they were very tired as they had been looking after her husband who is living with Alzheimer’s. My youngest son said: ‘Well we know about that because we are Dementia Friends and our mummy is a Dementia Friends Champion’ and they had quite a chat! The lady expressed her surprise at their knowledge and said that she thought it was wonderful. She hadn’t heard of Dementia Friends before but said to my mother that it was really comforting to think that people understood a bit about living with Dementia, as she had been feeling quite alone.

‘My children told me all about it themselves afterwards, and were very proud that they had ‘made the lady feel better’. It made me very proud of them and also of being part of Dementia Friends. Little differences can make such a big difference!’

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