Dementia Friends Champions: Ask your DFO

Ask your RSOEach month, one of our DFOs (Dementia Friends Officers) answer your Dementia Friends Champions questions. Hannah Piekarski, DFO for London and the South, answers this month’s question:

I completed my champions training a long time ago now, time has passed and I don’t feel confident anymore at running Sessions. Is there anything Dementia Friends can do to help?

Hannah’s answer:
Dear Champion

Thank you so much for contacting us; that is the key thing to do in your situation as then we can help you to get started again. 

The first thing to do is contact your Dementia Friends (DFO), if you are not sure who yours is please log in in to your account and go to ‘Session Resources’. There you will find a list of the DFO’s and the areas they cover. Your DFO can then provide some ways to help you get going, including:

1) Attending another whole or part of Champions Training as a refresher. You might feel it would be beneficial to go over some of the training again so you feel confident again in running Sessions. Your DFO will be able to advise on a training date which would be suitable for you to attend and also get an idea of which areas of the training you would like to cover.

2) Observing another Champion or DFO deliver a Session. It can be beneficial to see another Champion deliver a Session to see how they do it. If you’d like to do this then post a message on your regional Champions Facebook group to find a Champ who is running a Session locally.  Alternatively, your DFO can help to find a Champion who is running a Session in your area.

3) Co-delivering with another champion. A great way to ease in to running Sessions is to start off doing it with a partner. You can each deliver different sections of the Session and support each other through the process. If you’re interested in doing this then post a message on your regional Champions Facebook group or see if your DFO can help in finding a Champion to buddy up with.

I hope that you gain the confidence that you need and start running sessions again.

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