Gina overcomes her fear of public speaking by running Dementia Friends Information Sessions

I was fortunate to come across the Dementia Friends website late last year as I was researching for my Open University module in Dementia Care which I’ve subsequently completed.

I undertook my Champions training day in January in Exeter, Devon, with Camilla Alfred but it was April until I really got started on my champion journey.

One of my greatest fears in life has always been public speaking and yet it’s always been something I’ve been driven to conquer and feel comfortable with. My personality is determined, driven and passionate and I believe this comes across when I deliver the information sessions but that doesn’t come without trepidation I can tell you.

My confidence is growing and to date I have 100 Dementia Friends with a goal of up to 150 by the end of this year. I have 3 public Dementia Friends Information Sessions booked over the next few months at my local Sainsbury’s, Costa Coffee and Library. I have also been requested to visit my local health centre and deliver a staff session.

I must say I have been proactive with organising sessions and believe my passion in changing the public’s perception of dementia in my community is evident when I speak.

Some stress reliever tips which may be useful for other Dementia Champions include:

– Positive affirmations in the days leading up the session which may be: “I am a confident and competent Dementia Friends Champion and deliver my sessions with ease”. Naturally this affirmation may not suit everyone and is merely an idea, the words can be adapted to what feels right for the individual.

– Deep breaths are always a good grounding technique and I recommended breathing in for 7 and out for 11.

– I also have lavender pulse point oil which I often put on my wrists, another excellent grounding technique.

With passion and self-belief we can conquer our fears, onwards and upwards everyone… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Gina overcomes her fear of public speaking by running Dementia Friends Information Sessions

  1. Gaynor Seager

    I love this writing and you would never imagine that when Gina delivers her sessions that she is nervous atall.Like Graham says Gina is such a special, open, honest, inspirational and a truly brave person.Can’t wait for more fantastic blogs 🙂

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