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Dementia Friends badges

Dementia Friends show off their badges

I am happy to say we have made a huge impact starting with our own staff, gaining more confidence & transferring the skills for public sessions. We have successfully completed 5 Dementia Friends information sessions in the last two months. To make it more fun, at the end of each session we encourage attendees to pen down thoughts they want to action & have a quick discussion on those. It has led to very interesting results from Volunteering interest with Alzheimer’s to fundraising and including further Dementia Friends Champions across our sister care homes.

Some of the discussion has also highlighted some of the preconceived notions about abilities & skills relating to people affected by Dementia. I think as a facilitator it has been fantastic to get these conversations or discussions going.

We are a team of 50 working in a care home setting & as part of Anchor Trust we are great with our personalized care & living well with dementia is our motto.  I find these Dementia Friend’s sessions closing the community gap, giving shape to one structure & meaning to straightforward dementia awareness sessions across the board.  Like one of our attendees who is a local councillor rightly said she found them ‘simple & people friendly’ & almost everyone loves the ‘who’s right’ activity & it really gets every one talking. We make sure we have it on all our sessions.

We still have a long way to go & lots of more sessions to hold with the same excitement & zeal. We hope to reach out to local shops, supermarkets, taxi companies & our local colleges. It feels great to be part of the revolution & making positive noise about dementia. It’s a stupendous effort as a community to be personally accountable & we are in awe of the courage shared by our groups with their stories & personal experiences.

Our latest victory has been to tie up with Napa challenge & we are holding our 6th dementia friend’s session at our home.  We have challenged ourselves to hold it for a unique group of attendees from varied backgrounds, varying from taxi companies to police constables & win the challenge for our home.

Our next Dementia Friends information session is running on 25 September in Chichester. The session starts at 11am, please come along and help to create a dementia friendly Chichester. 

Augusta Court Dementia Friends Champions – Simanti Nandi, Sue Townend , Sharon Grobelaar & Deirdre Johnson.

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  1. Christine

    I am a fitness instructor in Chichester dealing with, generally, those over 50. From time to time, I get inquiries from people caring for those with dementia. Regrettably, my current class is not really suitable. Are there any fitness or dancing classes or clubs in or near Chichester?

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