Dementia Friends Champion Peter Student talks about the Friends sessions he is planning

Peter Student

Peter Student

Peter Student was inspired to join Dementia Friends after his 93 year-old great aunt and then his 63 year-old aunt were diagnosed with dementia. He did his Champions’ training session over two Thursday evenings, which he found easy to fit around work commitments.

Peter says he’s always been motivated to put something back into his community and found the training really helpful.

“I spoke to a few people during the sessions and we all said the same – what’s great about those sessions is that you get to learn what you don’t know. You get confidence about using the right nomenclature and how to point people in the right direction. You are not an expert, not a nurse, not a practitioner – but you are there to help a few more people understand what it’s like to live with dementia and help create more dementia friendly communities. With the right support in place, people can live well with dementia.”

Peter has been giving some thought about how he can help more people to understand more about dementia. He’s hoping to run a lunchtime ‘talk and learn’ session in his workplace. He works in the music industry in a company of 700 people and the lunchtime talks happen every other month attended by around 40 people.

He thinks the Dementia Friends Champions’ resources he got at the end of his Champions’ session and downloads from the website will really help him structure a lunchtime session.

However, he also has a plan B up his sleeve. His girlfriend organises a monthly community event where local people come to a bring-and-buy sale to share and talk. Peter is confident he can get a stall at April’s event where he can hand out information about Dementia Friends and direct people to the website.

“Any involvement is going to help, no action is too big or too small – if you live in a village with 30 people and run one session for those 30 people then that’s great, or you can have ambitions to fill a stadium! It’s all about creating more inclusive communities.”

2 thoughts on “Dementia Friends Champion Peter Student talks about the Friends sessions he is planning

  1. Norman Smales

    Well done Peter,
    I am going for my Dementia Friends Champions Training in a few weeks time.
    I hope i can follow in your footsteps.

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