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Angela Clayton Turner

Angela Clayton Turner

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey last month. There are an impressive 11,000 of you registered to get updates about Dementia Friends and an amazing 2,288 of you responded to the survey.  Of those, 69% said that you would like to be a Dementia Friend and 53% would like to be a Dementia Friends Champion.

We were delighted to see that there is such support for Dementia Friends already – it’s a really good start to our ambition to create dementia friendly communities with the help of one million Dementia Friends.

Here’s one comment that summed up what many of you are saying.

“I can’t wait to be involved. Dementia really is everyone’s problem and we need to make sure that people are aware of how they can help – the small, daily things really make a difference.”

Our first Dementia Friends’ information session

Angela Clayton-Turner was so fired up by the pilot Dementia Friends Champions’ training sessions she attended that she immediately set up a Dementia Friends’ information session in her community.

We’ll let you know how Angela’s session goes in future newsletters and hopefully will have news of a number of sessions across the country.


Our celebrity friends will be on hand to help us launch Dementia Friends next month.

The main aim is to get more people to sign up to be Dementia Friends so, please tell anyone you think might be interested about the Dementia Friends website and Facebook page.

Where should the first sessions be held?

We are busy planning the first Dementia Friends Champions’ training and working out where the greatest demand is for Friends’ information sessions.

Please can you fill in this short survey to tell us a little more about you, including your postcode, so that we know where we should prioritise the first training and information sessions.

And finally

If you are already spreading the word then we have some ways of describing a Dementia Friend and a Dementia Friends Champion that might help.

A Dementia Friend learns a little bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into action – anyone of any age can become a Dementia Friend.

A Dementia Friends Champion is a volunteer who talks to people about being a Dementia Friend in their community. It’s easy to get involved. Dementia Friends Champions receive training from Alzheimer’s Society, support as and when they need it and are part of a growing network of people creating dementia friendly communities together.

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  1. Sandra Gibson

    I have already registered as a Dementia Friend but would now like to go further with this and register as a Dementia Champion.
    I could not find any other way on your website of doing this.
    Thank you.

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