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Have your say on the Board of Trustees

With your help, this month Alzheimer’s Society will be electing two new Trustees and, if you’re a Dementia Friends Champion, you’ll have the chance to vote for who you believe will be an effective Trustee and who will be an ambassador for all our volunteers and Champions. Read on to learn more about the role and how to cast your vote. Voting opens 13 July 2016 and closes 31 August 2016.

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Working with an interpreter to run BAME sessions

For some Champions, language is not a barrier when it comes to running Sessions. Catherine Lewis-Dobson recently ran two Sessions at the request of the Hyde Community Action, for Bengali speaking women. Given that she does not know Bengali, and the attendees spoke little English, she used the services of a Community Worker who had attended one of her English Sessions to be an interpreter. Cathy tells us more about how the it worked and gives some tips for other Champions:

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Dementia Friends Goes from Derbyshire to Paris with Clem Morley

An Alzheimer’s Society dementia support worker has decided to take on the world, in raising awareness about dementia! One of our experienced Dementia Friends Champion Clem Morley delivered a Dementia Friends session for staff at the British Embassy in Paris (whilst on holiday!) on June 26th.Dementia Friends Goes from Derbyshire to Paris with Clem Morley Curious as ever we wanted to know how it all went for her, so down below is a brief from the lady herself, on her time in Paris.

“When I first became a Dementia Friends Champion, the idea of leading a Session was quite a daunting concept. I decided to trial it on forgiving family and friends at home in London. We managed to cram 16 people into our living room. All huddled on the sofas and floor eagerly awaiting becoming Dementia Friends. The Information Session went really well and the response was very encouraging. Lots of people mentioned how beneficial they felt the Session would be for friends, family, colleagues, with lots of enthusiastic and proactive actions being discussed.”

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