A story of being a Dementia Friend

I was travelling to Nantwich (Wrenbury) with a group of friends for a boating holiday when I was flagged down by an older lady carrying her small dog, she was distressed…

Cadet Leader Jay Vernon recently became a Dementia Friend at a Session delivered by Champion Steve Bousfield. It didn’t take long for Jay to put his new understanding into practice. Dementia Friend

Here’s Jay’s story…

Understanding what is a Dementia Friend


“I was travelling to Nantwich (Wrenbury) with a group of friends for a boating holiday when I was flagged down by an older lady carrying her small dog, she was distressed and very upset. I stopped the car and got out and approached the lady. When I questioned her about what was up, she couldn’t tell me, so I tried to dig a little deeper, I asked her name which she could tell me, but could not tell me her address, surname, family members etc. I asked if she had any medical conditions which she said no. I asked the direct question surrounding dementia and her reply was no – this later transpired when speaking with a neighbour that she does live with dementia.

I asked her if she was ok getting in the car to try and take her to a place of safety, as she was wandering around on a country road (with a national speed limit) – she agreed. I took her to the pub down the road in the hope that somebody would recognise her, to no avail. I was told where the post office was (10 minute drive into the village), so I again checked with her to see if she wanted a lift home. At this point I had all kinds going through my mind, who do I contact if I cannot get her home? Where am I exactly? Etc.

Luckily, on route to the local post office, she remembered where she lived once she saw the built up area, she gave me directions to her home and we dropped her off safely. I spoke with a few of her neighbours and left a note with my mobile number, with one of the neighbours who regularly checks in on her. I received a phone call on the Friday evening from a lady who clarified she has dementia, and regularly gets lost on dog walks, and that she would pass the information on to the ladies son and daughter.”

3 thoughts on “A story of being a Dementia Friend

  1. Lesley Tart

    After reading the story, well done in a very uncomfortable situation for you. Are you aware of the Herbert project. Cleveland police are certainly operating this scheme and it
    T is growing nationally. It is a simple form with a basic story of the person living with dementia held on a police database. Excellent safeguarding strategy as it does prevent people being taken to police stations and or questioned in a way which causes discomfort for them

  2. Sarah

    What a lovely person you are and they arrived home safely you hear such awful stories it’s good to know there are people like you willing to help

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